Space Objects by Country

There are thousands of satellites in orbit around Earth, and the number is growing every day. Our interactive graph shows the number of satellites each country has in orbit, updated daily. Discover how global satellite networks, including Starlink, contribute to the growing number of space assets.

Telecommunications and Connectivity

Satellites play a crucial role in global telecommunications, including providing internet and phone services, especially in remote areas where traditional infrastructure is not feasible. The demand for high-speed internet and global connectivity has led to a surge in satellite deployments.

Earth Observation and Monitoring

Satellites are vital for monitoring the Earth's environment and climate. They provide invaluable data for weather forecasting, tracking climate change, observing natural disasters, and managing natural resources. This data is essential for both scientific research and practical applications in agriculture, urban planning, and disaster management.

Space Exploration and Science

Satellites are key tools for exploring outer space and conducting scientific research. They enable the study of other planets, stars, and cosmic phenomena, and also help in understanding Earth's place in the universe. Research satellites contribute to advancements in fields like astrophysics, astronomy, and planetary science.

Defense and Security

Many countries deploy satellites for national security and defense purposes. These satellites are used for surveillance, intelligence gathering, navigation, and communication in military operations. The increased focus on national security globally has led to more investments in defense-related satellite technology.

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