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Virgin Galactic's Upcoming "Galactic 06" Spaceflight

On January 26, 2024, Virgin Galactic's "Galactic 06" mission will launch, marking its 11th spaceflight.

On January 26, 2024, Virgin Galactic's "Galactic 06" mission will launch, marking its 11th spaceflight.


On January 26, 2024, Virgin Galactic is set to launch “Galactic 06,” its sixth commercial spaceflight and 11th overall. This mission continues Virgin Galactic’s streak of achievements in human spaceflight, including conducting six suborbital flights in the previous six months. The flight will carry four private astronauts from three countries, reinforcing Virgin Galactic’s presence in the growing commercial space tourism sector.

Mission Details

  • Date and Flight Name: “Galactic 06” is scheduled for January 26, 2024.
  • Participants: The mission includes four private astronauts from Ukraine/California, Texas, Austria, and California.
  • Crew Members:
    • VSS Unity: Commanded by CJ Sturckow with Nicola Pecile as pilot.
    • VMS Eve: Michael Masucci as commander and Dan Alix as pilot.
  • Spaceflight System: The mission utilizes the VSS Unity spacecraft and the VMS Eve carrier plane.
  • Future Plans: Following this flight, Virgin Galactic will focus on developing the next-generation “Delta class” space plane, grounding Unity for the time being.

Spaceflight Mechanics and Experience

Virgin Galactic’s system consists of the VSS Unity, a six-passenger spacecraft with two pilots, and the VMS Eve, a carrier plane. VMS Eve carries VSS Unity to approximately 50,000 feet, releasing it to ignite its engines and reach suborbital space. Passengers experience weightlessness and view Earth from space before returning. Unity does not achieve orbit.

Virgin Galactic’s Future Endeavors

After “Galactic 06,” Virgin Galactic will develop the “Delta class” space plane. This new model promises more frequent flights (twice weekly) and increased passenger capacity, with test flights beginning in 2025 and operational service expected in 2026.


Q: Virgin Galactic’s “Galactic 06” Significance:

A: The mission is a testament to Virgin Galactic’s evolving role in commercial spaceflight and human space travel.

Q: Virgin Galactic’s Spaceflight System:

A: The system includes the VSS Unity and VMS Eve. Unity is launched from Eve at high altitude and propels to suborbital space.

Q: Post-”Galactic 06” Plans:

A: Virgin Galactic will focus on the “Delta class” space plane, aiming for increased frequency and capacity of flights.

Q: Competitors:

A: Virgin Galactic’s main competitor is Blue Origin, offering similar suborbital flights.

Q: Ticket Cost:

A: A ticket for Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight is priced at $450,000.

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