A Million-Year Picnic

In January 2024, my animated satellite visualizations were featured in "A Million-Year Picnic - Conversations on Mars," an innovative theatre experience at the Théâtre de Vidy in Lausanne, Switzerland, directed by filmmaker Pauline Julier.

In a martian habitation station or in a corner of an earth laboratory, internationally renowned scientists, a novelist and a composer debrief their mission: to prepare for the future space exploration. What kind of life are we looking for in space ?

I was invited to make a modified version of my Dark Clouds of Debris exhibit that was hosted at EPFL. During the opening of the event my work was displayed on a huge screen in the background as the team introduced the project.

Hero Image

Contributing to an Immersive Experience

As part of this groundbreaking project that blended cinema, science, fiction, and documentary, I contributed a modified version of my "Dark Clouds of Debris" exhibit to provide a captivating visual backdrop for the live shoot.

Enhancing the Cosmic Perspective

Displayed on a massive screen behind the stage, my animations depicted satellites orbiting the Earth and offered a unique perspective on the vast distance between our planet and Mars, immersing the audience in the cosmos.

Integrating Art, Science, and Technology

The theatre experience delved into the fundamental questions surrounding the search for life beyond Earth, seamlessly integrating my satellite animations with live performances and insightful discussions from renowned scientists, a novelist, and a composer. Image Credit: Loan Nguyen

The Power of Interdisciplinary Collaboration

This collaboration showcased the potential for interdisciplinary projects to create compelling and informative experiences that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling and knowledge sharing, inspiring and engaging people in the ongoing conversation about our place in the universe. Image Credit: Loan Nguyen