Cosmos Archeology

In November 2022 I had the privellage of participating in an exhibit at The École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The exhibit was called Cosmos Archeology and it was a collaboration between EPFL’s Laboratory for Experimental Museology (eM+) and Laboratory of Astrophysics (LASTRO). The goal was to provide a series of custom immersive interfaces specifically for astrophysical data, in the form of interactive data simulation and visualization, immersive projections, 3D film and augmented reality.

My small part was called Dark Cloud of Debris. By customizing Keep Track, I was able to build a "time machine" that allowed visitors to see how the debris cloud has grown over time. You can experience it for yourself by clicking the button below.

Cosmos Archeology

Main Display

The eM+ team was kind enough to put the whole thing on a huge display at the beginning of the exhibit.


Probably the last time I will see my name listed alongside NASA, an astronaut, and a nobel laureate.