Espace Ballon

Reopening in 2024, Espace Ballon invites you to discover the balloon adventure from every angle. Learn about the 1st non-stop world tour of the Breitling Orbiter. From Icarus to Piccard, let yourself be carried away by the history of the lighter than the air.

The team there was kind enough to let me participate with a short film entitled,
"Human Debris in Space 1957-2024"
that explores some specific events over the last 60 years of space exploration and the altitudes at which they occurred.

By customizing Keep Track, I was able to expand on my work at EPFL. Combining that with some minor video editing will allow visitors to learn about the highest altitude humans have ever achieved - space!. You can view the video yourself below if you aren't able to make it to the exhibit.

Espace Ballon

Main Display

The eM+ team was kind enough to put the whole thing on a huge display at the beginning of the exhibit.


Probably the last time I will see my name listed alongside NASA, an astronaut, and a nobel laureate.